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Thank you for listening to Celtica Radio. Our station is privately funded, and not part of any big media group. This enables us to be completely independent, and continue to bring you the innovative and original programming we are famous for without any interference. However, it does cost our parent company, [AlBilCo Mediacomm], to run Celtica Radio, and because of our unique independence it also means that we are always looking for supplementary income to expand our service.

Would you like to make a donation to fund Celtica Radio through our parent company AlBilCo MediaComm.

Any amount is worthwhile, and is done through the paypal secure server, even the smallest amounts will help.

For example, Celtica Radio has logged over a million listeners in the last twelve months. If every one of them had donated just two UK pounds, our station would have raised enough money to completely underwrite over three years of live 24/7 broadcasts across the world without transmitting a single commercial.

Click on the "Make a Donation" button below for more details.


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