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The key to the success of Celtica Radio is our independence, now with around twenty-five years of successful operations. Celtica Radio started broadcasting on the Internet on June 21st 2000, and is still in the same ownership. We are not members of PRS, MCPS, PPL or any of their foreign affiliates, however, all the artists we give promotional airplay to are compensated using an alternative method and have agreed to our terms and conditions... All the music we transmit is out of the Jurisdiction of any of the above organisations. But we are NOT ONLY a station for Unsigned Artists, we also airplay Independent and some Established Artists too.

This radio service features a broad mix of music and speech programming available in Live and On-Demand formats. Celtica Radios' live output is on air twenty-four hours a day with regularly updated programmes produced in our own studios and the best of our Playlist. This output is simulcast on Mobile, Tablet and On-Line, plus on Smart Speaker including Alexa. Our programmes can be listened to On-Demand or downloaded as free Podcasts. Celtica Radio is a Legal, Internationally listed and Validated Radio Station which is freely available to every country in the world.

For four years until the stations closure in February 2015, we also broadcast nightly through the transmitters of Radio Hafren on 756kHz AM and 102.1FM, and are proud to have been associated with this great team from Newtown in Mid-Wales!

From the ground up and by our own people, the design and concept of this website, through to the building of our own studios, and equipment is all our own work!

A steadily growing platform for artistes, writers and broadcasters who have been denied a chance elsewhere.

A full-service radio station developing and using multi-platform technology to attract and serve an audience both within the UK and elsewhere.

The Celtica Radio Group is based in South Wales in the United Kingdom, and makes programmes from a matrix of purpose-built, private studios located in Bridgend, Llantrisant, Weston Super-Mare, Camarthen and Yorkshire with programming from the Netherlands and contributions from the United States of America too. Our Main Servers are at the Prestigious Red Bus Data Centre, at Canary Wharf in London. Many Celtica Radio contributors are established broadcasters, and have acknowledged track records in the radio industry. All key personnel are experts in their particular field of audio production, broadcasting or radio-related engineering.


The Celtica Radio Radio story goes back to 1979 when a small group of people in the Bridgend area of South Wales wanted to set up their own wholly independent radio station. Over the following eighteen years the evolution of the group continued, with the establishment of two hospital radio stations in Bridgend and Neath, the re-launch of broadcasting at Swansea University, and two trial broadcasts in 1997 and 1998, cumulating in a successful campaign to persuade the licensing authority at the time that the Bridgend region and community deserved its own local radio station. Leading this group of committed local radio enthusiasts and professionals was Bill Everatt.

The UK Radio Authority [which has now been replaced by Ofcom, the new regulator] did not give that group the chance of broadcasting to their home area. Despite the years of background work which Bill and his colleagues had put into the project, despite their wealth of local knowledge, despite a licence application which was more than good enough to win the bid, the licence went to a rival group. What happened was wrong, It was felt [and it is still the case] that it would be undignified and humiliating to apply for jobs with the "winning applicant." Instead it had the effect of stiffening the resolve of those who had been denied this local station licence, and led to David Cook [our Founding Director, a Yorkshireman, with good Celtic Roots] providing the initial financial investment to set up Celtica Radio.

Celtica Radio has now expanded and the original group of broadcasters has been joined by others from all over the UK, using technology that makes it possible for an alternative radio service to be available to listeners in South Wales and worldwide.


Our station management has its own strict code of ethical conduct, which can be summed up as follows:

"Celtica Radio will not knowingly broadcast material which will cause offence to those who have not earned it, while not hesitating to comment on perverse, unreasonable, unethical or dishonest behaviour."

"Celtica Radio will treat its personnel, contributors, and customers with compassion, respect, honesty, understanding and encouragement."

This is what was posted on the SonicBids Bulletin Board by some of the people we have helped.

SonicBids Bulletin Board



Most of the members of the Celtica Radio Group can trace, through many generations, their lineage in the area of South Wales where Celtica Radio is based, and the contribution their ancestors have made to the arts of this region across the centuries is self-evident in the folk stories, anecdotes, songs and those things that they now call "the cultural arts" that so enrich our lives. This radio station is in part a continuation of what their collective families have contributed to the unique culture of the place that they call home.

Celtica Radio has been responsible for nurturing the careers of young broadcasters, writers and musicians who have gone on to work on National and International networks. Celtica Radio has provided a platform for many artists from within its own region, and from much further afield.

It has been extremely hard work keeping Celtica Radio going, but its founders are not going to give up, or go away, and will continue for as long as it takes to develop and expand this service, increase its audience and work towards increased commercial viability.

Prospective investors are welcome to contact us by Clicking Here.



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