This is the Celtica Radio Web App


Celtica Radio can be heard On-Line, On Mobile and on the RECIVA Digital Wireless Channel 915
We broadcast in High Quality Stereo which is also Dolby Surround Pro Logic compatible.

FAQ's - This Stream is at 16kb AAC+

Where can I use an Internet Radio app?
These apps will work anywhere with a Wi-Fi, 3G or GPRS mobile phone connection. If you can’t hear the station’s output, it is always worth checking your device’s connection.

How much will it cost me?
The apps are free and can also be downloaded from the various App Stores, but you should always be aware of your plan’s data usage terms beforehand.
If you have an unlimited data plan, you should not be charged for using the app.
However, if you do not have an unlimited data plan you should be aware that your mobile phone network will charge for data used. You should also find out what your plan says about overseas data usage if you want to use your phone whilst abroad.

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