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Caravan Music Promotions

The Big Red Caravan is an extention of Caravan Music Promotions. All of our services are now housed under the one roof bringing our customers the ease and peace of mind they require when embarking on a new campaign.

We also have a great label support and project management service which we can now offer all new labels and management comapanies making life much easier as you develop both label and product.

The Caravan Group of companies - otherwise known as The Big Red Caravan - is about exposure, artist development, working with new talents/bands just starting out, and about supporting indie labels.

Our objective is to get your music played on the radio on a global scale, and to gain you as much exposure as possible.

Working at grass roots level up, artists will achieve radio interviews, playlisting, TV interviews and live performance, reviews, gigs and tours.

The Big Red Caravan accepts all genres of music and we have no age limits.

We have a reputation for good artists and breakthrough artists/bands within the industry and we are always happy to advise. We always endeavour to maintain the highest possible standard.

The Caravan believes all artists can make it with a set of realistic goals.

We will never lead you up the garden path. We tell it as it is.

We are excellent at artist development, and can help and advise any new record label/artist with tours, image, marketing and press/radio/TV exposure so you don't get left behind.

We are currently receiving demos. Please visit our contact page to find out where to send yours.

THE BIG RED CARAVAN - does exactly what it says on the tin !!


Click Here to hear the Big Red Caravan Promo.


You can reach us at: - For all radio and TV/video services - For demo submissions and enquiries / - For tours, gigs and booking agency for all studio/ artwork and project management needs - For all press and PR

Tel +44(0)17496 77444
11 Heritage Courtyard

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